Stocznia Centrum Gdańsk

Stocznia Centrum Gdańsk

Stocznia Centrum Gdańsk

Stocznia Centrum Gdańsk

01 About SCG

Stocznia Centrum Gdańsk

Stocznia Centrum Gdańsk is the new heart of a city where freedom is a lifestyle. This is a place where we look at the city from the water side anew, and where history meets modernity.

Meet SCG
02 Concept

City. Freedom.

Life returns to the Shipyard and takes on new shades.
Squares, places and walking routes are planned in the vicinity of these important and historic shipyard buildings. This will allow for the proper display of these objects and for bringing the former shipyard areas closer to the inhabitants and all visitors. Thanks to the renovation of the quays of the Martwa Wisła, new, attractive service and food points will be created, located in the waterside strip.

In a modern space, people will be able to live, work, shop, play and rest.

Shipyard cranes - slender icons of Gdańsk - become a symbol of a new urban space created in search of history, open to water, modern, polycentric and world-wide.

All the features of a modern city.

On the premises of Stocznia Centrum Gdańsk, covering an area of over 9 hectares, including over 1 kilometer of quays, next to historic shipyard facilities, new buildings will rise - real mixed use of office, commercial, residential, service and gastronomic functions.


03 Location

Stocznia Centrum Gdańsk
- in the heart of the event center

SCG - located along the Martwa Wisła quay, part of the Young City, which together with the Main Town and the Lower Town create the Historical Center of Gdańsk.
The Shipyard is an important point on the route of Gdańsk's main tourist attractions, next to the European Solidarity Centre, the historic Old Town and Westerplatte. A unique location with easy access to the most important public facilities, culture, science and business.

Within walking distance of the Gdańsk Główny railway station and the SKM Gdańsk Stocznia stop, with easy access to Sopot and Gdynia, 14 km from the Gdańsk Airport.

In the center of the Gdańsk Shipyard

SCG - a space
open to people.

Today, Stocznia Centrum Gdańsk is a universal, vivid space created mainly by the Tri-City community, artists, animators, people of culture and creative business. Only in the last two years, SCG has become a mainstream cultural space in the Tri-City, eagerly and crowdly visited by residents and tourists. Vernissages, concerts, food-track meetings, all in post-industrial, extraordinary spaces and a sense of freedom.
Who has been here once will return...

04 Offer

A space open for business.

A production hall, show room, club, or maybe an atmospheric studio or office. Film or photo shoot. Place for an event. It all depends on your creativity. We offer space for rent and post-industrial sites for purchase. Regardless of what industry you operate in and what space you need, Stocznia Centrum Gdańsk is open. For creative, passionate and free people, our areas have always been a source of inspiration.

Today you can become part of one of the most important investment projects on a national scale - as a TENANT or an INVESTOR. Join us!

05 Events


Feel invited! Numerous music clubs, breakfast markets, all-night outdoor events, studios of Tri-City - and not only - artists, small art galleries, street food from all over the world await you here - all in the extraordinary, post-industrial spaces of the shipyards where art has entered. Arrive to the place where the rich artistic and cultural life is concentrated. Visit to the place where freedom is a lifestyle! Follow the events.

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