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regarding development of Young City centre
(Drewnica Peninsula)
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Dialog społeczny - Młode Miasto
Podsumowanie dialogu
The dialogue of the City has ended
December 9 2021
The consultation process "Young City. The future of the district" initiated by the Architect of the City of Gdańsk has come to an end. Thanks to this, we know what shape the ideal Young City should take - an inclusive, green and spatially diversified district for living, working and spending free time.



Let's talk about the (Young) City - we're starting new consultations
January 27 2022
In December, the consultation process initiated by the Architect of the City of Gdańsk, entitled "Young City. The future of the district ". Today, as the owner of the coastal part of the post-shipyard area (the Drewnica Peninsula), we are starting another, own consultation process regarding the planned development of this area. The new consultation, called Dialog, will begin on January 27 and will be open to all residents.

As part of the consultation, 5 meetings will be held, including workshops and expert panels, and will end on March 17 with the presentation of conclusions from this process. All meetings begin at 17.00 and will take place in the hospitable space of the NOMUS Museum of Modern Art at Jaracza 14 street. The meetings will be conducted by the Inicjatywa Miasto Association.

We cordially invite everyone interested to participate!

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The idea of building the Drewnica peninsula, located between the pontoon bridge and the 19th-century Schichau Shipyard, is based on the model of the so-called 15-minute city. The multifunctional downtown development, whose architecture refers directly to the industrial roots of the area, is to be based on the network of former historic streets of Gdańsk Shipyard. The concept covers an area of 9 hectares with a waterfront line, almost 1 km long, fully entered in the register of monuments.
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